develop the capacity to innovate inside your organization

We help Managers, HR teams, Professionals and Entrepreneurs with our unique approach.
We use Design Thinking services to help businesses grow and expand.

How can we help?

We believe there is always a solution to each problem. Instead of reverting to regular practices, we use our problem solving tools to tailor our strategies according to your specific needs.


Develop your organization's capacity to innovate

Why not begin with a diagnosis that will allow you to structure your next actions?

Live and learn through
Design Thinking

Would you like to develop people’s capacities to innovate and be more agile?

Would you like to find new ways to serve your clients and solve complex business problems?


Support and manage transformation projects

As a leader, HR manager or project team lead, you need to implement strategies to solve today's problems while developing your vision for the future.


We help you conduct your transformation projects, scope your challenges, unlock opportunities and create new solutions or experiences for your employees and clients.

We have specific value propositions for talent management using innovative approaches.
We help you personalize your initiatives according to your present context.

We facilitate co-creation activities with small and large teams.
We design specific events for communities and social organizations in collaboration with involved teams.

Design & Co-create

Co-create new services, programs & initiatives with your customers and key stakeholders


Facilitate innovation workshops, team building activities and corporate events.


Develop new competencies and support high potentiels to enable their capacities to innovate & collaborate.


Support HR and leaders in the development of new solutions to transform & build new strategies.

Our approach

We help you improve collaboration, develop new skills and bring new solutions.

  • We actually listen to your needs
  • We scope your challenges and translate them into opportunities
  • We develop your capacities to innovate
  • We bring people together to find and experience new solutions

humans are your
biggest source of innovation


Co-create with other team members

C2 Montreal event

Design Thinking with HR partners

Continuous improvement and innovation workshop




We work in collaboration with technological solutions that bring humans in the centre of their business model.


Annie Gauthier

Driven by challenges, I help people to develop their talents and capacities to grow and innovate through projects. I'm engaged in bringing different people together to find new solutions to their problems. I am a person of ideas and action.


Catherine Landry

I help teams make courageous and bold transformations in the digital age. I sail in chaos and I encourage the actors to do the same. I act as a catalyst for innovation. My style: structure the approach of intervention in teams and in actions in order to co-create solutions quickly.


Nancy Therrien
M. ÉD.

Listening to people in the process of transformation and in the development of new skills is what motivates me the most. I am focused on the satisfaction of all stakeholders and on the implementation of rapid change; Hence my passion for design thinking.



iNNERSHiP provides solutions to Individuals. Design your professional projects and dreams. Step by step, move forward.


Évolt, a service innovation agency in Montpellier, bases its activity on user experience, user testing, service design and interface design.

Offices in Montreal
and in Quebec city

Annie Gauthier: 514 704 8569
Catherine Landry: 418 571 0306

We can also be reached through Skype and Google Hangout